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Rove Cartridges

Vape cartridges are quickly revolutionizing the way the world enjoys cannabis, and there are a lot of contenders that supply excellent carts. ROVE is a prime example. These carts are relatively new to the market, but they are quickly becoming one of the most frequently requested cartridge brands because of their quality, potency levels, and strain selection. Read on for a closer look at ROVE cartridges.

Rove Cartridges Reviews

When I tried the Rove vape cartridges, I found the strength of the oil especially impressive. I would say that the Rove pen is among the strongest prefilled cartridges I’ve ever tried.

Review via International Highlife

The Gorilla Glue vape cartridges had some impressive flavor profiles with a real taste of the genuine cannabis strain itself. The Rove brand’s website points out that their oil hasn’t been cut with filters of any kind. They only add natural flavors and terpenes.

Review via International Highlife

With Rove cartridges, you’ll have absolutely no concerns. Unlike many of their rivals who can’t prove their own statements about how much THC is in their products, Rove has their lab test results easily accessible.

Review via International Highlife

Rove Cartridges:

Product Information

The Rove brand has really gained a lot of recognition because of its focus on superior quality. All products are made with 100% organically grown cannabis, which is sourced from farms the company hand selects and trusts.

The idea for ROVE comes at the intersection of both science & art. Their team consists of long-time cannabis aficionados from all over the world. Their goal is simple: to create the best, most flavorful, and most honest cannabis products possible.

Rove Cannabis Cartridges are considered “plant-to-pen” cartridges. The company produces all of its products in-house using cannabis extracts and cannabis-derived terpenes. And, the cartridges themselves are considered to offer excellent oil quality, a good design and build, and a pleasing taste, according to most reviewers.

The Rove Cannabis Cartridges Product Line

Rove has an extensive list of vape carts available modeled after unique strains, so you should have no trouble when looking to buy a ROVE cart to suit your specific preferences. Here is a look at just a handful of their available strain profiles:

  • Skywalker – Indica
  • Waui – Sativa
  • Super Sour Diesel – Sativa
  • Remedies CBD – 10:1
  • Cookies – Hybrid
  • Tangie – Sativa

ROVE Cartridges FAQs

How potent are ROVE cartridges?

ROVE cartridges have different cannabinoid and terpene profiles depending on the product. The general THC range tends to fall somewhere between 75 and 85 percent, but this depends on the specific product. For example, some products are CBD-heavy, so they have lower THC levels and higher CBD levels.

What kind of oil is used in ROVE cartridges?

The oil in ROVE carts is made from CO2-extracted cannabis oil. The only flavoring involved is the addition of terpenes derived from cannabis. So, what you get is a great-tasting product that is filled with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and no questionable, artificial ingredients.

Where to Buy Rove Cartridges in NV

Greenleaf Wellness

ROVE carts are available at both recreational and medical dispensaries in Nevada, including here at Greenleaf Wellness. Without question, ROVE Cannabis Cartridges are not something you want to miss if you prefer the convenience and discretion of vaping cannabis. At Greenleaf Wellness, we stock our menu with the highest quality cannabis carts available from the most reputable companies in the country, including carts from ROVE . Take a look at our menu today to make your selection and reserve it for pickup.

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