Cannabis Crafted for Nevada’s Journey

Greenleaf Wellness is a family-operated cannabis cultivation, production and distribution company based in Northern Nevada.
We offer a wide variety of in-house, hydroponically-grown flower and cannabis extracts.




A plant is a living thing that needs detailed attention to remain healthy and happy. At Greenleaf Wellness, we like our growers to form a relationship with their plants. Our growers stay with their plants from seed to harvest, ensuring each plant’s life cycle reaches its most full potential. Our buds go through lab testing and rigorous quality inspection before leaving our cultivation facility.


Greenleaf Wellness uses a CO2 extraction process. CO2 is unique because it extracts at a cooler temperature, allowing more cannabinoids and terpenes to stay active for a higher, cleaner purity. Extraction itself can leave a number of impurities and plant matter within the oil, which is why we use a second step of distillation. Distillation completely separates the cannabinoids from undesirable chemical compounds resulting in the highest, available level of purity and potency.


The Greenleaf Wellness dispensary is convenientaly located in Sparks on the corner of Rock Blvd. and Gendale Ave. As cultivators and retail distributors, we’re proud to provide Nevada with some of the best cannabis products around. As a wholesale distributor, we are able to provide premium cannabis products to dispensaries statewide. Keep an eye out for our products at other dispensaries in your area.


Apart from in-house flower, the Greenleaf Wellness Dispensary features numerous high-quality local and regional products from our neighbors at Kynd, Deep Root Harvest and Silver State Trading.

Our 19 Strains

Greenleaf Wellness takes pride in the detail and care that is put into the cultivation of our in-house strains – the outcome being some of the highest testing flower in the state.

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