Top 7 Best Concentrates in Nevada (2023)

From shatter and wax to live resin and sugar diamonds, cannabis concentrates have grown to be one of the most diverse products available at Nevada dispensaries. Concentrates give you a lot of bang for your buck because the highly potent extracts don’t require you to use much at all. And, there is a long list of Nevada brands that have created some of the purest, most enjoyable concentrates on the market. Check out a few of the best concentrates in Nevada below.

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Best Cannabis Concentrates in Nevada

1. Hawaiian Rain Gold Live Resin Badder from NLVO

  • Potency: 67.10% THC and 0.17% CBD
  • Type: Hybrid

Hawaiian Rain Gold Live Resin Badder from NLVO is one of the most flavorful concentrates in Reno. The Hawaiian Rain strain is known for offering lavender and mint aromatics with a flavor that hits like a gas-laden cake. However flavorful this live resin badder may be, the euphoric high that lays heavy on the body is one of its most desirable attributes.

2. Orangatang Sugar from Matrix NV

  • Potency: 83.23% THC and 0.09% CBD
  • Type: Hybrid

A top pick for a lot of concentrate shoppers in Reno, Orangatang Sugar from Matrix NV is built to please with a high THC content and just enough CBD to curb paranoia. Orangatang is a popular weed strain for its heavy-citrus flavor and aromatics, but this concentrate is more popular for its effects: giggly, euphoric, and completely at ease.

3. Nigerian Haze Live Rosin from SRENE

  • Potency: 79.54% THC
  • Type: Sativa

This is one of those delectable concentrates with all its ooey-gooey trichome goodness and the potency to truly highlight every use. Nigerian Haze from SRENE rings in at nearly 80 percent THC, so literally, the smallest dab will do for even the most experienced cannabis consumers. Nigerian Haze is known to be uplifting and great for mood stability, and this live rosin specimen serves up just the same effects.

4. Purple Pie Live Resin Diamonds from STIIIZY

  • Potency: 71.84% THC
  • Type: Hybrid

STIIIZY is a big name in cannabis concentrates for good reason. The brand offers some of the purest, most potent concentrates in Nevada, and Purple Pie Live Resin Diamonds is an exemplary candidate. This flashy concentrate delivers all the tasty fruity flavor of the strain with the trademark cerebral effects that hedge on utter mental relaxation.

5. Nectar Haze Crumble Wax from AMA

  • Potency: 71.50% THC and 0.16% CBD
  • Type: Hybrid

If you prefer a waxy concentrate, this crumble wax in Nectar Haze from AMA is bound to leave you pleased. This concentrate rings in at over 70 percent THC, so it is one of the most potent on dispensary shelves. And, just like the strain for which this concentrate is named, this pick is known for leaving you feeling uplifted and creative.

6. Rose Ice Water Live Rosin from Binske

  • Potency: 69.48% THC
  • Type: Hybrid

Rose ice water live rosin budder from Binske is a flavorful, potent concentrate that delivers the full collection of flavorful terpenes. This concentrate has all the good qualities of live rosin with a wax-like consistency that makes it easy to dose and use on a dab rig. And, true to Binske’s luxury reputation, every batch of this popular concentrate is potent, flavorful, and consistent.

7. 1:1 CBD: THC RSO from Vada

  • Potency: 38.04% THC and 44.16% CBD
  • Type: Available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid

If you’re looking for concentrates in Nevada for therapeutic reasons, you can’t go wrong with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) from Vada. Offering an even balance of both CBD and THC, this concentrate is made with full-spectrum oil and contains no butane or residuals. Grab a gram in an easy-dose syringe to target what ails you with just the right dose amount.

Find the Top Concentrates in Nevada at Greenleaf Wellness

At Greenleaf Wellness, we pull together the top cannabis products from every category to include on our dispensary menu. Be sure to take a look at our full collection of cannabis concentrates, make your selections, and order ahead for pickup at our dispensary. Just getting started with concentrates? Check out How to Use Cannabis Concentrates – “You Don’t Have to Dab” on the Greenleaf blog.

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