Featured Nevada Cannabis Brands

Nevada Brands We Carry

We’re proud to carry premium cannabis brands online and in-store.

Some of our most popular brands include:


The Alternative Medicine Association (AMA) is a Las Vegas, Nevada weed company that works to combine scaled cultivation with the growth of craft cannabis, providing customers with the best of both worlds. AMA offers concentrates, pre-rolls, and premium flower. Popular AMA strains include the hybrid Cara Cara 5, known for it’s ability to immediately uplift mood, Cherry Driver, known for it’s mood balancing effects, and Royal Chem, a cross of Dead Head OG and Chem Dawg 91 that’s known for boosting creativity.


Located in Maryland, Cannative is a help flower company that works to create high-quality cannabis-based health immprovement products. At Greenleaf, we carry several Cannative products, including vape cartridges and pre-rolls. Our customers are big fans of the company’s Dream Pop pre-rolls, which combine .1g of honeycomb concentrate with .4g of flower. Small but mighty, Dream Pop’s THC levels can hit 55%.

Kosmik Brands

Kosmik Brands prides itself on offering customers an out of this world cannabis experience through their live resin and edible products. We carry Kosmic gummies in Big Bang Berry, Blue Raspberry Retrograde, Karamel Apple, Mercury Mango, Meteor Melon, Parsec Pineapple, Planetary Punch, Sour Celestial Cherry, Sour Gamma Green Apple, Sour Pulsar Peach, and Supersonic S’mores. Many flavors are vegan and gluten free.

Optimum Extracts

Optimum Extracts cannabis oil provides customers with full-spectrum live resin terpenes–and awesome flavor. At Greenleaf, we carry a wide variety of Optimum strains, including Apple Fritter (hybrid), Blackberry Crumble Kush (indica), Candyland (sativa), Cereal Milk (hybrid), Granddaddy Purple (indicia), Guava melon (indica), Huckleberry Haze (sativa), Kamikaze (indica), Passion Orange (hybrid), and more. Customers love how true Optimum Extracts oils stay to their flavors–Huckleberry Haze is especially popular for its distinct and delicious berry aroma.

Sip Elixirs

Prefer to drink your cannabis? Sip Elixirs offer a quick and easy way to get the THC you want. The company’s liquid cannabis drinks contain naturally-derived terpenes and a THC distillate. You’ll be able to select from three categories–sleep, party, or chill–to create the cannabis experience that you want. Sip Elixir flavors include Tropical Crush, Sunset Punch, Dreamberry, Wild Berry, Watermelon, Hurricane, and more.

Greenleaf Wellness: Your Home for Nevada Cannabis

No matter what brands you prefer, we’re here to meet all of your cannabis needs. Stop by our Nevada weed shop today to discover all that we have to offer–we look forward to meeting you!