General Info

Greenleaf is open for in-store shopping, In-store pick-up, curbside pick up, and at-homedelivery services from 8am – 7pm on Sundays, 8am – 8pm Monday through Wednesday, and 8am – 9pm Thursday through Saturday!

Required: Must be 21+ years of age w/ valid picture ID issued by State or Federal authorities. Masking required by Gov. of Nevada for in-store & curbside service. 

Location/Hours/Phone: Greenleaf is located at 1730 Glendale Ave. Spark Nv. We’re open from 8am – 7pm on Sundays, 8am – 8pm Monday through Wednesday, and 8am – 9pm Thursday through Saturday!
Delivery hours vary, see our delivery menu here, if you have questions, call us at 775-470-5255. Get directions from Reno.

Parking: We have a large parking lot with plenty of availability!   Please leave designated curbside spaces open for those opting to be served in their vehicles.  Want to shop curbside? Order pickup online (link to pick up menu), and select curbside at checkout! Follow prompts and call us if you have questions!

Payment: We take cash, and we provide an ATM onsite.  For curbside, please have cash in hand, we can make change if you’re on premises. For delivery, please have exact change or offer change as a tip. Our drivers do not carry change.

ATM: ATM on site – $3.50 fee charged by ATM service provider.

Exit Bag: The State of Nevada mandates that all cannabis products leave the building in a sealed child resistant exit bag.  We do not charge for exit bags – but encourage you to re-use them by bringing them back each time you shop to avoid waste. Please dispose of your exit bag responsibility – do not litter, please!

Rewards Points

Join our rewards program and get 1 point for every dollar spent. Collect your points and use your points toward discounts on future transactions! Text “Join Getgreen” to 1-775-719-3476 opt-in or simply sign up here!

Deals & Rewards info listed everyday here.

Text to join:  Text “Join Getgreen” to 1-775-719-3476 to opt-in! You will get a message allowing you to opt-in & create a 4 digit pin. You’ll get exclusive deals, rewards points, and a digital wallet to track offers!

Refer a Friend Program

Share the love and bring your friends to Greenleaf!  The Greenleaf Wellness Refer a Friend program allows current customers to collect $10 off coupons for bringing new customers to Greenleaf Wellness! The program works as follows:
Friend A refers Friend B to Greenleaf Wellness:  Simply access your rewards wallet HERE, go to offers, and click on the “Refer a Friend” offer. Copy the link by hitting the “copy” button and send it to a friend with a note that says “If you sign up for Greenleaf’s rewards program through this link, you’ll get an automatic 15% off your first visit, and I’ll get $10 off my next visit after you shop! I love Greenleaf, they always take great care of me!”
Friend B Signs up for the referral program and shops: Friend B clicks the link sent by Friend A, and creates their account when prompted. Then they click the offers section of their new rewards wallet and they will see an automatic coupon for ‘15% off their first order’ that they will show to their budtender when they shop.  After Friend B shops and spends at least $35, Friend A will get an automatic text message with an offer coupon for $10 off!
Friend A shops and redeems their $10 off referral offer: Friend A comes back into the store and shows their $10 off offer coupon to their budtender, and the discount is applied to all non-discounted items in their cart.

Rules of the program/Fine Print:

  • Upon redemption, one must spend min. $35 pre-tax to apply the discount to purchase.
  • You can apply only one $10 off coupon per transaction. Any additional unredeemed offers will remain in your offers wallet and can be applied to future transactions.
  • Participants must have their name, phone number, & email in our rewards systems to redeem rewards.
  • % based discounts will be applied to non-discounted items only. Select strains & brands apply.

Purchasing Limits

In the State of Nevada, a person can only purchase & possess 28g of flower, or up to 3500mg in other cannabis products (edibles, vapes, etc).  The facility selling to you will help you understand these parameters.   However, it’s important to know, that you’re only allowed to have 28g or it’s equivalent in other cannabis products often measured in milligrams, so here’s a quick chart to help you understand.

If you have 14 grams of flower and 5 100mg edibles, you have 1750mg (flower) + 500mg (edibles) = 2200mg. Therefore you are within legal limits. 


Grams Milligrams
1 125
4 500
14 1750
28 3500

Health & Safety/ Covid 19

Safety: We have security on-site, and we monitor our cameras located throughout the property. Other safety and security measures in effect as well. 

Covid 19: Our store is working within the mandated guidelines of the State & local authorities regarding Covid-19, so we will observe mask requirements, social distancing, and cleaning surfaces often. In addition, we ensure that the whole store is cleaned thoroughly multiple times a day.  We are taking measures to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.