How to Use Cannabis Concentrates – “You don’t have to dab …”  

All about high-potency cannabis experiences? No doubt, cannabis concentrates like budder, wax, sugar, live rosin, and shatter are the way to go. With concentrates, the bulk of the plant matter is removed, so you’re left with the active compounds of cannabis like cannabinoids and terpenes. And, THC levels can range anywhere from 40 to more than 90 percent. While most people use concentrates by dabbing, you truly don’t have to have a dab rig to enjoy concentrates. There are actually a lot of ways to enjoy these potent extracts.

The Usual Way to Use Cannabis Concentrates: Dabbing

A lot of people call concentrates “dabs” simply because when you use a concentrate, you only need a dab due to the potency. The most traditional method of using concentrates is with a dab rig, which is basically a pipe with an added attachment (a dab nail) where you place the dab. The nail is heated, the dab is added, and you inhale the resulting vapors. The dab size can vary depending on the type of concentrate, but most people only use a dab about the size of a grain of rice, which equates to just a few hits.

Beyond Dabbing: Other Ways to Use Cannabis Concentrates

Don’t have a dab rig or not all that comfortable with the process? You can still enjoy concentrates. Check out some other ways to use cannabis concentrates beyond dabbing.

1. Top a Bowl

If you have a bong or glass pipe, you can add a small bit of concentrate to the flower in the bowl. This gives whatever strain you’re smoking an added kick of potency and flavor. Just remember, you truly won’t need much, and, the more you add, the harder it can be to get the flower to burn properly without excessive levels of heat.

2. Make Edibles

Edibles provide a wholly different cannabis consumption experience with effects that can last up to eight hours. And, you can use some concentrates to make your own batch of edibles at home. For example, you could add a measured amount of live rosin or resin or distillate to a batch of homemade gummies or candies.

3. Create Your Own Topicals

Topical cannabis-infused cannabis products can be excellent for localized pain relief. And, a lot of people like topical products because they deliver therapeutic value without intense intoxication. Concentrates can be perfect for making topicals because you don’t have to use a lot to create an effective product. For example, you could mix something like RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) with good Shea butter for a topical cannabis product to rub into your skin.

4. Add to Flower in a Joint

“Twaxing” is a term used for mixing cannabis concentrates with flower before rolling a joint. For example, you could add a few specks of wax, a few crumbles of sugar, or even a bit of shatter to your flower just before rolling. More solid-state concentrates are easier to use. As noted with adding flower to a bowl, keep the amount small.

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