Top 7 Best Vape Carts in Nevada (2023)

Need the best vapes in Nevada? With big names in the state like STIIIZY and RESIN8, you should have no problem picking up some incredible options. We’ve stacked one of the most impressive collections at Greenleaf, but check out a few contenders for the best vapes in Reno.

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7 of the Best Vapes in Nevada

1. Blue Dream by STIIIZY

  • Lineage: Sativa
  • Potency: 86%

STIIIZY is a big name to remember when it comes to the best vape carts in Reno. The brand produces premium-level THC vape carts, pods, and disposables. STIIIZY Blue Dream vape carts are a prime example of what the brand does best. Saturated with flavor, Blue Dream stimulates the mind and puts you into a blissful state.

2. Kush by Rove

  • Lineage: Indica
  • Potency: 89%

Rove provides one of the finest collections of CO2 vape carts in Reno, and one of our top-requested choices is hands down the Kush cart by Rove. This beauty offers an incredibly potent experience, which is great when you need to wind down or get some sleep.

3. Berry Runtz Disposable from Select

  • Lineage: Hybrid
  • Potency: 86%

If you’re all about disposable cannabis carts, be sure to look for the Berry Runtz Disposable from Select. This pick is from the brand’s Elite Weekender line, and the Berry Runtz strain-specific THC oil delivers a vaping experience true to the strain. You get a nice kick of euphoric energy with a totally relaxing body vibe.

4. Pineapple Watermelon Disposable from AMA

  • Lineage: Sativa
  • Potency: 80%

A smooth hitter with a heavy-handed euphoric delivery, Pineapple Watermelon disposables from AMA never disappoint. This vape is all sweet and tropical and instantly settles your mind into a blissful place while offering just enough energy to keep you up and about.

5. Apple Jack Resin8 Cart

  • Lineage: Sativa
  • Potency: 85% THC

Resin8 is highly regarded for offering some of the best vape carts in Nevada. The Apple Jack cart is a favorite for its potent effects, but its flavor is nothing to glaze over. As a cross between White Widow and Jack Herer, Apple Jack is sweet, pungent, and fruity and delivers an impressive level of euphoria and physical relief.

6. Mai Tai Disposable from The 55

  • Lineage: Indica
  • Potency: 86%

Mai Tai is one of those up-and-coming Indica strains that’s hitting all the marks: it’s flavorfully laced with fruit and funk, uplifting, and leaves you calm and happy. The Mai Tai disposable from The 55 is easily one of the best vapes in Reno.

7. Durban Poison Live Resin Cart from Matrix NV

  • Lineage: Sativa
  • Potency: 42%

If you prefer all the terpene-rich flavor with your vape, look for the Durban Poison Live Resin Cart from Matrix NV. This is often touted as one of the best vape carts in Nevada because its hit is as close to the real flower as possible. The potency levels are closer to the actual flower due to the heavy amount of terpenes in the live resin.

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