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Top 7 Best Edibles in Nevada (2023)

Without question, the Nevada cannabis edibles market is impressive. With everything from THC drinks and shots to delectable chocolate and adult-style gummies, you should have no problem finding edibles to appreciate on Reno dispensary shelves.

Not sure which edibles you want to try first? We’ve eliminated the guesswork and collected a few of the top THC edibles in the state below.

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Best Cannabis Edibles in Nevada

1. Kosmik Brands Gummies

Kosmic Brands Blasters gummies have rapidly grown to be a cannabis customer favorite, and it is easy to see why that’s the case. This brand offers one of the most extensive collections of flavor options, and each pack of Blasters is both vegan and gluten-free. You get a manageable 10 mg of THC per gummy, which is just enough to scale your dose. Flavor options to look for from Kosmic Brands include:

  • Mercury Mango
  • Big Bang Berry
  • Parsec Pineapple
  • Planetary Punch
  • Sour Blue Raspberry

2. Sip THC Elixirs

Pick up a Sip THC Elixir and cater to your preferred experience. These tiny THC shots are just 1.75 ounces each but offer 100 mg of THC per bottle. Each elixir is specifically formulated to support a certain state of being, such as:

  • Sunset Punch for Sleep
  • Hurricane for Party
  • Wild Berry for Sleep
  • Tropical Crush for Chill

3. VERT Cookie Squares

Forget the hum-drum THC brownies and reach for VERT Cookie Squares instead. These delicious cookies are loaded with 100 mg of THC, and they come in classic flavors like Red Velvet and Snickerdoodle. So you get a true dessert-worthy treat that serves up the THC effects you want.

4. Drink Loud Cannabis Shots

Prefer to get your THC in one smooth, flavorful shot? Be sure to look for Drink Loud THC Shots in Nevada. These fast-acting liquid cannabis shots deliver 100 mg of THC per 1.8-ounce bottle. Experienced cannabis consumers may prefer to drink the entire shot, but these small bottles are also excellent for microdosing because you don’t have to drink much to get a 5 to 10 mg dose of THC. Drink Loud THC Shot flavor options include:

  • Cruise – Pink Lemonade
  • Chill – Kush Berry
  • Spark – Cucumber Haze

5. STIIIZY Nano-Enhanced Triangle Gummies

STIIIZY Nano-Enhanced Triangle Gummies are the fast-acting edible in Nevada that every shopper wants. These gummies are specifically formulated with nano-emulsified THC particles, so they kick in faster than a standard edible. And, the flavor options are nothing short of tongue-tempting, especially since these edibles are created with live resin straight from the cannabis plant. A few top choices include:

  • Pineapple Paradise
  • Blue Raspberry Blast Indica
  • Sour Strawberry Indica
  • Dour Apple Hybrid
  • Caribbean Breeze Sativa

6. Binske Chocolate Bars

If you want a cannabis edible that’s a little more gourmet than a gummy and a bit more satiating than a THC drink, infused chocolate bars are always a go-to. If THC-infused chocolate bars are what you’re looking for, be sure to look for Binske Chocolate on the dispensary menu. Binske has a full collection of chocolate bar flavors, including Clasico Chocolate and Raspberry Dark Chocolate. Each bar gives you 100 mg of THC.

7. WYLD Gummies

WYLD cannabis gummies are one of the top THC edibles brands in the country, and we’re lucky to have them right here in Nevada dispensaries. WYLD does things a bit differently than other brands. They offer unique formulations and enhancements modeled after different strains for different experiences. A few top picks from WYLD Gummies to consider include:

  • Elderberry 2:1 THC and CBN Indica Enhanced Gummies
  • Sour Apple Sativa Enhanced Gummies
  • Huckleberry Hybrid Enhanced THC Gummies
  • Raspberry Sativa Enhanced THC Gummies
  • Sour Cherry Indica Enhanced THC Gummies

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Cannabis edibles offer an entirely different way to enjoy THC and other cannabinoids, and there are so many good options and brands to try. At Greenleaf Wellness, we strive to make sure our dispensary customers have access to the top edibles available in the state. Be sure to check out our online menu to see what top edibles in Nevada we have available at any given time, and don’t forget to watch for special savings occasionally on your favorite brands.

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