The 11 Best THC Drinks in Nevada

Whether you’re not a drinker, you’re trying to avoid a hangover, or you simply prefer to get your THC in beverage form, you have plenty of options when it comes to finding the right cannabis infused drinks in Nevada to create your ideal cannabis experience.

At Greenleaf Wellness, we’re here to help you with all of your cannabis needs, whether you’re searching for the perfect pre-rolls or you’re trying to find the best weed seltzers on the market today. When you stop in to our store, we’ll help you find the perfect THC drinks Nevada to create the cannabis experience you’re looking for.

Without further ado, let’s dig into the best THC drinks in Nevada.


Top 11 THC Drinks in Nevada

These drinks pack a punch–be sure to take it slow if it’s your first time trying a THC infused beverage.

Drink Loud Shot–Cucumber Haze (hybrid)

Just like cucumber water at a spa, this THC infused concoction provides you with a relaxing, mellow experience. With both THC and CBN, you’ll get the relaxation that you want, allowing you to kick back and relax, one sip at a time. This 100mg shot packs an 86.65 THC percentage, so take your time as you get to know your Cucumber Haze high.

Drink Loud Shot–Kush Berry (indica)

With a THC percentage of 86.96, the Kush Berry version of the Drink Loud Shot will have you chilling in no time. This option is perfect both for a night on the couch and a night on the town. You’ll love the smooth, light flavor, especially if you maximize the chill by enjoying this variety over ice.

Drink Loud Shot–Maui Blast (sativa)

Need a boost? Maui Blast will take you where you want to go, one sip at a time. You’ll enjoy a lifted high that still keeps you fully aware of what’s going on around you. With an 82.61 THC percentage, this high will stand the test of time.

Drink Loud Shot–Pink Lemonade (hybrid)

Feel like chilling out and listening to some music? Hanging and playing games on the couch? Pink Lemonade allows you to simply cruise and enjoy your high. The 88.26 percentage of THC with a kick of lemony tang will have you feeling like you’re enjoying a gorgeous summer day, no matter what the weather.

Sip Elixirs–2:1 Dreamberry (indica)

Getting ready to drift off to dreamland? You’ll want to check out this THC and CBN hybrid. With a THC percentage of 85.93%, you’ll love drifting off while your high kicks in.

Sip Elixirs–Electric Lemonade (sativa)

Let the party begin with this 92.03% THC sipper. It’s delicious fruity flavor will help you get your day (or night!) going, one sip at a time.

Sip Elixirs–Hurricane (sativa)

Another blend that’s made to get the party started, you’ll love the fantastic Hurricane flavor packed into this 88.28% THC, 3.29% CBD sipper.

Sip Elixirs–Sunset Punch (indica)

This delightful blend of orange and passion fruit will have you feeling like you’re on a cruise ship, and the 82.17% THC level will have you perfectly chill.

Sip Elixirs–Tropical Crush (hybrid)

Kick back, close your eyes, and pretend you’re relaxing on your favorite sunny beach with this 84.99% THC blend of lime, cherry, and pineapple. You’ll feel low-stress and high energy after you finish your new favorite island-inspired sipper.

Sip Elixirs–Watermelon (hybrid)

With 87.81% THC and 3.29% CBD, you’ll love chilling out with the delicious, cooling flavor of watermelon–or mixing it with your favorite summer beverage (we recommend blending with club soda and mojito mix for a sweet, minty treat–without anything that will leave you with a headache in the morning).

Sip Elixirs–Wildberry (indica)

Look no further than this sweet strawberry blend at the end of the day–reviewers say that this 92.03% THC blend helps them drift off to dreamland. Try blending this with your favorite caffeine-free tea for a relaxing end to the day.

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