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You have a lot of choices when it comes to cannabis. That is why it can be difficult to find exactly what works best for you. Visit our Greenleaf Wellness dispensary to sort through the many choices you have to consider. When you need a serious reset and flower just will not do, check out the Resin8 cartridge as a perfect and potent option.

What is Resin8?

Resin8’s cartridges are made from the best distillate, using the cleanest oil of concentrated cannabinoids (THC) without all the impurities.

The Resin8 Cartridge features the highest quality, natural, botanically-derived terpenes, offered as one of the strongest, most delicious cartridges around.

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Who makes Resin8?

Cannavative makes Resin8, one of the many products the company produces in Nevada with the flower it grows. The oil used in Resin8 is so pure and strong that Cannavative must take care not to exceed Nevada’s limit of 800 mg TCH in full gram cartridges.

Because the oil always tests higher than 80% THC, Cannavative provides a .8 gram cartridge to stay under the limit. It‘s bursting with fruity flavors and made from quality THC distillate to create a smooth smoking experience. The Resin8 Cartridge comes in Sativa, Indica and CBD strains, and is made for the everyday cartridge consumer.

Why Choose Resin8 Cartridges?

You may have your preferences – flower over oil, or edibles or shatter. But Resin8 Cartridge offers you flexibility with cannabis that other products do not. When you need that high, but do not have time to roll your flower, Resin8 is a great option.

If you want a smoke, but cannot afford to have that sweet weed smell on you, Resin8 works best. The Resin8 Cartridge packs flavor and powerful cannabis in a flexible form that gives you that feeling you need, when you need it, after work, at a friend’s party or at a family gathering.

The Cannavative Product Line

Cannavative makes some of the finest cannabis products in the state of Nevada, providing exceptional and consistent experiences. The Cannavative product line is a diverse collection of cannabis offerings designed to meet every consumer’s needs, including:

  • Flower: full plant extraction and more therapeutic compounds.
  • Gummiez: delicious flavors and consistent dosing.
  • Shatter and Honeycomb: potent, pure and loaded with terpenes.
  • RSO: full plant extract to provide full spectrum relief.
  • Vapestix: a convenient, cost-effective and discrete vape.
  • Motivator Pre-Roll: top-notch flower infused with honeycomb.
  • Live Clear Cartridge: pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts.
  • Capsules: the benefits of cannabis and the convenience of a capsule.

Resin8 Cartridge Review

Resin8 is a cartridge option that is high in potency, lasting in flavor, and priced just right. It is designed for the cartridge consumer that is tired of going through their distillate so quickly, or for anyone who understands the value of a dollar. Its label for everyday use does not make it basic – far from it. This is a strong, delicious product designed for daily cannabis consumption.

Where to buy Resin8 in Nevada?

You can buy Resin8 at Greenleaf Wellness Dispensary, a locally owned and family operated cannabis dispensary in Sparks, Nevada, located just off the Rock exit from Highway 80, across from Baldini’s Casino on Glendale. Our mission at Greenleaf Wellness is to provide clean, high-quality products, and serve our community with integrity and compassion. We’re open seven days a week and offer in-store shopping, in-store or curbside pick-up options (order pickup), and at-home delivery.

Greenleaf specializes in growing and producing a line of in-house products to offer at accessible prices, while also featuring some of the most popular products & brands in Nevada, such as Cannavative’s Resin8. Our guest associates are friendly and knowledgeable, and look forward to helping you find the right cannabis products that serve you best.

Greenleaf Wellness - Marijuana Dispensary Reno, NV

Buy Resin8 at Greenleaf Wellness

Purchase one of Nevada’s finest cannabis products, the Resin8 Cartridge, at Greenleaf Wellness. You can learn more about the potent and pure oil that Cannavative uses in the cartridge, the variety of flavors, including Blueberry, Cherry, Melon Balls, Raspberry, Peach Cobbler and Tropic Thunder. Visit our dispensary to talk to our knowledgeable and helpful associates at:

  • 1730 Glendale Ave, Sparks, Nevada

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