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Packwoods: How much are they and are they real cannabis?

How Much do Packwoods Cost? Is it real weed?

Considered royalty in the world of cannabis pre-rolls, enjoying a Packwoods blunt is a bit like a champagne experience. These high-end pre-rolls are the top of the line in terms of cannabis, the build of the blunt, and the end experience. Even the packaging is fit for a king. From how much do Packwoods cost to what you can expect to find inside, here is a closer look.

What is a Packwoods blunt?

Packwoods blunts were created in Los Angeles by the Packwoods brand, which has received more awards than any cannabis-based company in the state of California. The blunts are pre-rolled cannabis made from a unique cannabis flower that has been infused with a strain-specific concentrate, but this is only one element of what makes Packwoods unique.

Packwoods packaging leaves nothing to be desired, either. The finished blunt is encapsulated in a glass cylinder that is airtight-sealed with wax. This is tucked in a foam-lined, form-fitting box, which opens up to give you all the details about the product.

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What are Packwoods made out of?

Contrary to some myths, Packwoods are most definitely made out of real weed. The weed just has a few added layers of potency due to the addition of a strain-specific extract and matching kief on the exterior of the blunt.

A Packwoods blunt is a luxury-level masterpiece, by all rights. The extract-infused flower itself is two full grams of hand-broken bud. The blunt is wrapped in a twisted hemp, tobacco-free Packwrap, and an engineered glass filter ensures you get a smooth, consistent draw with every hit. The exterior of the blunt is dusted with a full 0.25 gram of indoor kief (trichome dust) that matches the strain of the bud inside.

How much do Packwoods cost?

The costs of Packwoods can vary a bit depending on where you are located. And, this is considered a high-end cannabis pre-roll, so you can expect the price to be more than a standard blunt. You can expect to pay somewhere close to $45 for a two-gram blunt in a lot of places. However, some Reddit commenters have reported prices as high as $60 to $70 in Nevada. Packarillos are usually slightly cheaper. At Greenleaf, a three-pack of Packarillos mini blunts (.75g each and 2.25g total) is $48.

Packwoods Blunts FAQs

What states sell Packwoods?

Packwoods are available in several states where cannabis is recreationally legal, including Nevada. In addition to NV, you can find Packwoods for sale in dispensaries in:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • Illinois
  • Oklahoma
  • Washington

How strong are Packwoods blunts?

Packwoods blunts can pack a punch compared to your standard pre-roll. The potency levels range depending on the strain you choose, as it is with every pre-roll you buy. However, the added kief and extract in the blunt does mean the pre-roll can be more potent than usual. The way the pre-roll is packaged, however, makes it simple enough to use what you need and save the rest for later.

What is Packwoods Runtz?

Packwoods Runtz is a Packwoods made with the Runtz strain of cannabis. Runtz is a highly sought-after strain, which is a cross between Gelato and Zkittlez.

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Looking to experience Packwoods blunts for yourself? Be sure to check out our menu at Greenleaf. We bring together top-shelf cannabis products like Packwoods to build our menu, so you always have access to the best experience.



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