Live Resin vs Rosin vs Badder  

The world of cannabis concentrates can get a little confusing, especially when it comes to concentrates that have similar names. Three of the most popular cannabis concentrates include live resin, rosin, and badder. What’s the difference? We’ve pulled together the specifics below to give you a better idea.

What is resin?

Resin is a type of cannabis extract that is made by flash-freezing cannabis and then using solvents for further processing to separate valuable compounds from plant matter. Most resin concentrates are made using solvents like butane, ethanol, or CO2. The end consistency of the resin can vary depending on the remaining terpene content and the extraction process the manufacturer used. However, most resin is a bit wet and crystalline.

What is rosin?

Rosin is a lot like resin, but the primary difference is the fact that rosin is made without the use of solvents during the extraction process. Instead, the plant material is separated from trichomes using an ice bath or other flash-freezing process. This creates a rudimentary form of bubble hash. Then, the bubble hash is heated and pressure is used to make the end concentrate. Rosin can be more opaque than resin, but can also have a bit of a crystalline structure.

What is badder?

Badder, which is also sometimes referred to as batter, is a concentrate that has a more malleable consistency than either resin or rosin. Badder is actually usually made using rosin; the rosin is further processed or different techniques are used during the end stages to create a different consistency. This particular concentrate gets its name from the combination of its consistency—a bit like thick frosting or cake batter—and its color, which can be anywhere from lightly golden to a more marigold sort-of color. Resin can also be stickier and saucy.

How is live resin or rosin different from regular resin or rosin?

The difference between live resin and rosin versus standard resin or rosin is the state of the plant when it is extracted. Basically, any extract with that “live” attribute comes from a fresh, living plant. In other words, the extraction process takes place before the cannabis is actually cured, but standard resin or rosin comes from cured cannabis. Live concentrates are usually more flavorful because more of the natural terpenes and essential oils remain in the end product.

Resin vs Rosin vs Badder: Which is more flavorful?

Both resin and rosin are considered two of the most flavorful and aromatic cannabis concentrates due to the fact that many of the terpenes are preserved. This is especially the case with either live resin or rosin. Badder, since it is made from rosin, can be just as flavorful and aromatic.

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