How Much is An Ounce of Weed? Cost, Quantity, Etc.

Everyone likes bulk discounts, the savings you receive when you purchase a larger quantity of something. Like Costco and other big box stores offering big bulk discounts, Greenleaf Wellness is home of the $99 ounce, featuring a big discount on your favorite cannabis flower.

Let’s break this down a bit so you understand just how much of a discount that is. When you walk into a dispensary, you will see different ways that flower is sold. The most common measurements to package flower for sale at dispensaries is an eighth of an ounce or half an ounce.

In the state of Nevada, a person can purchase and possess up to an ounce of flower, or 28g of flower. By the way, you should know that an ounce is not always referred to that way in the cannabis world. You likely will hear an ounce referred to as a “zip” or maybe even an “OZ” or just “O”.

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How much weed is an ounce?

The short answer to this question is, an ounce of weed is a lot. Technically, an ounce of weed is a quantity of cured flower that weighs exactly one dry-weight ounce. While other cannabis products are often measured in grams and milligrams, flower is typically measured in proportion to an ounce, either as an eighth, a half ounce or an ounce. For comparison to other cannabis product weight, an ounce of flower is about 28 grams.

If you are not familiar with an ounce of weed and what it looks like, think of it this way. Most blunts are rolled with about a gram of flower in them. Basically, that means if you purchase an ounce of weed, you would be buying enough flower to roll 28 gram-sized blunts.

Every cannabis strain weighs differently because of its moisture content and the density of the flower, so the exact quantity of an ounce may vary in the way it looks. But essentially an ounce of weed will look like about two handfuls of flower.

For those who remember weed more from stashes of flower stored in gallon-sized baggies in the freezer, those were the days when weed was packaged as a pound of product. Now that is quite a lot, and not legal to purchase in Nevada.

Typically, only wholesalers deal in measurements of a pound or more. But for comparison sake when thinking of an ounce, a pound of weed is 16 times more flower than an ounce (to state the obvious here, a dry pound equals 16 ounces.) That is a lot of blunts – about 448 gram-sized ones to be exact.

How much does an ounce usually cost?

The cost of weed varies in a number of ways, primarily by geography but also by strain. The cost of cannabis also is impacted by the basic rules of supply and demand. Of course, the price of weed can also vary by how it is sold, either on the black market where it may be difficult to obtain, or through legal sales in states that allow medicinal and recreational uses.

The Oxford Treatment Center reports the range of prices for an ounce of flower varied across the U.S., varying most by its legalization status. The range for a price of an ounce of high quality flower is from $210.75 (Oregon) to $597.88 (District of Columbia). The average U.S. price for an ounce of weed was $326.06, while the average price for an ounce in Nevada was $270.

Is $100 for an ounce good?

Well, now that you have a better idea about how much an ounce of weed actually is and what an ounce typically sells for, you understand the value of a $100 ounce – and ours are $99 ;).

Yes, this is a great value when it comes to high quality flower, offering some of the finest cannabis for less than half of the going rate in Nevada for an ounce. If you enjoy cannabis in its natural flower state, visit Greenleaf Wellness today to see what strains may be available at this price. We offer in-store sales, order online for pickup and delivery services from our Sparks, Nevada location.

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