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Head Cheese Strain Profile – Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Head Cheese, AKA OG Head Cheese

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What is the Head Cheese Strain?

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Head Cheese Strain, also known as OG Head Cheese, is considered by many cannabis enthusiasts to have one of the best lineages among hybrids. Head Cheese is derived as a child strain of two potent strains – the UK Cheese and the 707 Headband. Because the Head Cheese profile is so similar to UK Cheese, it is believed that UK Cheese is the dominant contributor to Head Cheese’s genetics.

Strain type: Is Deadhead OG indica or sativa?

Head Cheese Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Effects: How will Head Cheese strain make me feel?

As a hybrid, the effect of Head Cheese offer both a relaxing and euphoric feeling that evolves into a total body high. When smoking, users will almost immediately feel an overwhelming head rush that is characterized as both happy and euphoric sensations. On the Sativa side, there is an instant mood lift that also stimulates creative ideas. On the Indica side of Head Cheese, the strain provides a deep relaxing feeling that calms the body and eases pain, anxiety and other ailments. The sensation emerges into a body high that releases tension and serves as a strong, calming effect.

Reported side effects include headaches, dry mouth and eyes, and in some rare cases, complaints of elevated anxiety.

Taste & Side Effects of Head Cheese: According to

How does Head Cheese Feel?

  • Euphoric – 97% voted on this effect
  • Happy – 92% voted on this effect
  • Relaxed – 91% voted on this effect

Head Cheese Side Effects

  • Thirst & dry mouth – 86% voted on this effect
  • Dry eyes – 63% voted on this effect
  • Headache – 25% voted on this effect

Head Cheese Taste

  • Cheese – 87% voted on this taste
  • Pungent – 71% voted on this taste
  • Earthy – 67% voted on this taste

More Head Cheese Strain Characteristics

The Head Cheese strain’s THC content regularly exceeds 20% and its CBD content is generally in excess of 0.22%, although the cannabinoid percentage varies from grower to grower. Head Cheese helps with nausea, depression and pain.


Head Cheese is made by crossing 707 Headband and UK Cheese. Head Cheese requires at least an intermediate level of expertise in cannabis growing to successfully cultivate the plant. The strain can do well growing inside or outside and seeds are readily available.

Growing Head Cheese

The average flowering time is between 56 and 63 days. The total yield can range between 16 and 20 ounces per square meter for growing inside and 24 ounces or more for outside. If planting indoors, the plant’s large leaves need regular trimming to allow air and light to circulate to the lower branches. Outdoor cultivation is really only possible in humid climates with high temperatures in the 70° Fahrenheit range.


While unfortunately sharing the name of a delicacy made from hog brains, Head Cheese does, in fact, smell like cheese.

It is a sharp, cheesy aroma that is quite similar to the smell of a pungent, tangy and well-aged cheese, with additional notes of earthiness that are quite apparent as well. Its potent smell also translates while it is being smoked, with a highly pungent aroma from the smoke capable of stinging the eyes and sinuses that cannot be contained discretely.


As much as Head Cheese smells like cheese, it also releases a creamy cheese flavor that is quite reminiscent of UK Cheese, which is why many believe UK Cheese is dominant. The creamy cheese taste evolves as Head Cheese is smoked into a skunk and diesel flavor, with a note of citrus when exhaling.

While Head Cheese can be an acquired taste because of its strong flavors, its taste is a strong attraction to users who have grown accustomed to it.


The specific terpenes may vary from grower to grower. The most dominant terpene in Head Cheese is myrcene, followed by ocimene and pinene.

Strains like Head Cheese

Strains that are similar to Head Cheese with similar terpenes and effects are LA Sunshine, Rare Dankness 1, Boogie Monster, Snoops Dream and Dark Devil.

Where to Buy Head Cheese in Nevada

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