First Time Visiting a Dispensary in NV?

Here’s what you should know

Planning your very first visit to the dispensary? Or maybe you’ve been to dispensaries in other states, but it’s your first time at a cannabis store in Nevada. If so, knowing what to expect can make your shopping experience a little bit smoother. Here’s a look at what you should know for your first time visiting a recreational dispensary in Nevada.

What should you bring with you to the dispensary?

To make sure you are prepared before visiting a dispensary, be sure to bring a few things with you for the trip. For example, to prove you are of legal age to purchase cannabis, you will need either a passport, driver’s license, or other government-issued photo ID. You should also plan to have cash on hand for your purchase; most dispensaries only accept cash, while some do have an ATM on-site.

Must have’s for your first dispensary trip in NV:

  • A valid, non-expired, government-issued ID
  • Cash (some dispensaries will accept debit and most will have ATMs on-site)
  • A mask (lots of dispensaries, like other businesses, are requiring that you wear a mask while shopping inside)

Get to Know Nevada Cannabis Laws

Every state has its own cannabis laws and regulations, including Nevada. These laws dictate things like how much cannabis you can buy or even what type of container the product must be in when you leave. A few Nevada cannabis laws to keep in mind include:

How old must I be to purchase and consume cannabis in Nevada?

To legally purchase and consume cannabis in Nevada, you must be at least 21 years of age.

How much weed can I buy at a dispensary in Nevada?

Customers can purchase up to one ounce of flower and a 1/8-ounce of concentrates in a single transaction

Can I smoke weed in public in Nevada?

No, customers cannot use cannabis in public. This includes moving or parked vehicles on public or state-owned property.

Dispensary Do’s and Don’ts

Do expect to experience a secure environment

Cannabis dispensaries are designed to be secure. The product will not be out on full display where anyone can handle it. You may see security cameras or even guards on-premises. The layers of security can vary by store, but these efforts are in place to protect the dispensary and you as the visitor.

Don’t neglect the privacy of other patrons

This is really just about common courtesy – respect others’ personal space! Try to avoid lingering close by as fellow visitors make their purchases. Likewise, most visitors won’t appreciate ending up in pictures you snap with your phone. The visitors inside may be more concerned about their privacy, much as it would be at a medical establishment.

Do ask questions

Never be afraid to ask about something you don’t know. The guest associates at Greenleaf, as well as the staff members at other dispensaries, are typically in place to guide customers and offer an enhanced shopping experience. These professionals are usually well-versed in cannabis and particular products in inventory. It’s always better to ask for help than to end up buying a product you don’t enjoy!

Don’t feel obligated to buy something

Don’t see anything you necessarily want to purchase? That’s perfectly OK. A lot of people are simply curious about legally purchasing cannabis and visiting a Nevada dispensary. You can still look at products and ask questions even if you don’t intend to buy anything!

Do check out the dispensary’s Website before you Stop In

The best dispensaries have a website where you can get familiar with things like their in-store policies, prices, the products they have available, and general details like location and hours. At Greenleaf Wellness Dispensary, we also have our menu available online, and you can reserve products for pickup or place an order for home delivery. Even if you’re not planning to order ahead, you can get a look at what products are available and get an idea of what you may want.

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