Heading to Burning Man 2023? Visit the Closest Dispensary to the Airport!

Are you heading to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert this year? You’ll be glad to know you won’t have to go far from the airport to find a cannabis dispensary to stop at on your way. Greenleaf Wellness is just over two miles from Reno/Tahoe International Airport.

So, if you’re flying to Reno and then making the drive from Reno to Black Rock City, we’re in the perfect position for a stopping point. It can be a long drive from Reno to Burning Man, so stop by and see us before you head north.


Burning Man: History and Origins

Living in the moment, celebrating art, embracing self-expression and reliance, and breaking away from capitalism. The principles of Burning Man have continued to attract people from all over the globe every year to this massive desert festival. Burning Man’s purpose is all about sustaining a sense of community and appreciating differences.

Burning Man actually started out in 1986 as an event held in San Francisco. Every year, a man-shaped sculpture was burned and people came together to break away from societal norms. However, the event became so huge that it was eventually moved out into the northwestern desert of Nevada to a place now known as Black Rock City. Every year, tens of thousands of people migrate to the area to celebrate a utopian community where everyone is welcome, art is celebrated, and free expression comes easy.

People come together and share, borrow, and barter for things they need but primarily rely on their own supplies. They enjoy live music and an open community, and of course, the burning of the sculpted man on the final day of the event. Camps, villages, and other temporary structures go in place. There are no vendors at Burning Man other than a single place where visitors can buy ice or coffee. In the end, no trace of the massive event is supposed to be left behind.


Burning Man 2023

Burning Man 2023 is scheduled to begin on Sunday, August 27th, and continue until Monday, September 4th. As always, there will be key dates and events to remember as you are making plans for your visit. So be sure to check out the event page to get a peek at what’s in store and how to make your own plans.

Burning Man Reno FAQs

How far is Burning Man from Reno?

The Burning Man event in Black Rock City is roughly 120 miles from Reno. This equates to just over a two-hour drive if you travel via NV-447 North. It is not at all uncommon to find everything from buses to caravans heading north, many of which are happy to give travelers a ride if they have enough space.

Where to find an RV rental in Reno for Burning Man?

Reno has a number of RV rental companies available for travelers that are heading from Reno to Burning Man. A few establishments that may be able to help you get a temporary abode on wheels include:

Can you smoke weed at Burning Man?

This question has a complicated answer, but Nevada weed laws for tourists are important to know. Technically, recreational cannabis is legal in Nevada, which means you can purchase and consume weed freely in the privacy of your own home or hotel room (where allowed). The thing is, Burning Man is held on federal land, where cannabis is not legal. Therefore, it is best not to consume cannabis at the event, even though there is never a shortage of green smoke in the air during the event. If you do plan to smoke cannabis, it is best to do so privately before you arrive.

Marijuana Dispensary Reno, NV - Greenleaf Wellness

Plan a Visit to Greenleaf Wellness

Burning Man is one of the largest events that takes place in the Western side of the United States. And at Greenleaf Wellness, we’re happy to greet all Burners as they make the trek north to Black Rock City. Our dispensary menu is filled with all the cannabis provisions you may want during your visit. Afraid you won’t have a lot of time? Be sure to take a look at our menu online and order ahead for pickup.


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