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Bubba Fett Marijuana Strain: An Overview

Better suited for well-experienced cannabis connoisseurs, the Bubba Fett strain is all firepower with its typically high THC content. Great for everything from insomnia to pain, Bubba Fett takes on many of the traits of its noteworthy parents. So, whether you’re going for full-on cerebral or body relaxation, you may be interested in a formal introduction to this hard-to-forget cannabis strain.

Here’s a closer look at Bubba Fett and all this strain has to offer:

Bubba Fett Strain Genetics

Bubba Fett is the result of crossing Pre-98 Bubba Kush with the famed Stardawg, so this strain is aptly built to deliver a memorable experience. While Bubba Fett is a hybrid, it is heavily Indica-leaning thanks to its genetics. True to its roots, you get that sweet, earthy hint of Kush mingled with the strong pungency of Stardawg, as well as a swift kick of uber-relaxation.

Bubba Fett Appearance

With an almost minty green hue, fire-orange hairs, and a dense coating of frosty amber trichomes, Bubba Fett is a sight to behold. The shapely nuggets are tightly packed and especially sticky when you break them apart with your fingers. Take a look at the Instagram hashtag for Bubba Fett to see some examples in the wild.

Bubba Fett Terpenes, Taste, and Aroma

High in terpenes like myrcene and beta-caryophyllene, the Bubba Fett strain has plenty of aromatics and flavor to deliver. Upon the first whiff, you can’t miss that telltale pungent skunkiness that you would expect, but there is also this lingering after-sweetness almost like fruit or berries.

The flavor profile offers some of the same—skunk and sweet—but then you get a nice cheesy, peppery hit that lingers on the back of your tongue. Some say the strain has a more herbal flavor thanks to the combination of unique flavors.

Noteworthy Effects of the Bubba Fett Strain

The Bubba Fett strain is the pick when you want a laid-back day at the house or a one-way ticket to sweet, dreamy slumber. As far as cannabinoids in this strain, THC takes center stage, with a range of anywhere from 16 to upwards of 29 percent. Plus, the most prominent terpene in Bubba Fett is myrcene, which has sedating effects itself. So, what you can expect is a deeply contemplative experience with an all-over body/mind high that works well to ease your mind, relieve discomfort, and put you to sleep.

It should be noted that different Bubba Fett growers can produce strains with nuanced differences, such as varied cannabinoid and terpene profiles, potencies, and even effects. Therefore, you may get something a little different with each Bubba Fett strain if you buy from different Nevada dispensaries.

Strains Similar to Bubba Fett

While we may not have any Bubba Fett in stock at the moment, we do have a pretty awesome collection of hybrid strains. If you find yourself looking for a Bubba Fett replacement, be on the lookout for these other strains with similar characteristics:

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