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Sip Elixirs

Sip Elixirs is a THC-infused beverage available in a variety of different flavors and strains. Customers are able to choose their Sip Elixir variety based on the experience that they’re looking for, and can enjoy a variety of flavors as well.

Sip Elixir

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Sip Elixirs Reviews

The Sips are amazing! For me, it doesn't take more than just a little sip. Helps relax me and helps me fall asleep. Yes, I do wake up with munchies but it's not too bad. Great tasting.

a*8 Review via Jane

This was fantastic! I was churning and burning emails, filing taxes, making blogs and doing it right! Will learn how to dose correctly for an outstanding high.

c3 Review via Jane

Awesome energy booster w/out jitters. Great for morning early afternoon use. Excellent for micro dosing!

p***s Review via Jane

Sip Elixirs:

Product Line

In order to find the right Sip Elixirs product for you, you’ll need to make two decisions: mood and flavor.

Choose from chill, party, or sleep for your mood, and choose from hurricane, watermelon, electric lemon, sunset punch,tropical crush, wild berry, or dreamberry for your flavor. Chill varieties allow your body and mind to relax so you can find peace at the end of a long day. Party gives you an energy boost, and sleep does the opposite–it helps you wind down.

Sip Elixirs works to create cannabis drinks that are of the highest quality, using organically derived terpenes to create a fantastic experience. Sip uses nanotechnology in the construction of each of their drinks, allowing you to get a quick and powerful result every time you enjoy an elixir.

In addition to cannabis-infused elixirs, Sip Elixirs also offers cannabis merchandise, including socks, neck gaiters, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pins, koozies, and more.

Sip ElixIrs FAQs

How should you use Sip Elixirs?

Searching for how to use Sip Elixirs? If it’s your first time using a liquid or edible form of cannabis, it’s important to note that the effects may be much stronger than smoking the same amount of cannabis. Be sure to give yourself up to an hour to feel the full effect of a Sip Elixir before you have another dose.

What size bottle should I try?

You’ll want to look for the 100mg bottle of your favorite variety of Sip Elixir. The cap makes it easy to get the Sip Elixirs dosage that you want.

Sip Elixirs Review

Customers don’t just love the taste of Sip Elixirs–they also love the consistent high. A word of caution–many reviewers state that Elixirs are stronger than you would think, so it’s smart to take your time and slowly work up to the right dose to create the effect you want.

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