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If you’ve visited a Nevada cannabis dispensary recently, it’s likely that you’ve noticed or tried NLVO products. Located in North Las Vegas, NLVO cannabis is a cultivation and production company that works with more than half of the cannabis dispensaries in the state to get customers the top-notch cannabis they’re looking for. The company has nine grow rooms and an inventory of more than 50 strains, providing many options for customers to get their desired cannabis experience. Here, we’ll dig into everything you need to know in order to find the right NLVO product for you.

NLVO Reviews

I've been trying a lot of NLVO flower recently, and I'm actually quite impressed.

MagicManYo Review via Reddit

I really enjoyed this strain. It tastes really good, and also has a nice high.

everythinghazee Review via The Highest Critic

It’s really good for the price. This is my first time trying NLVO and I’m impressed.

Alternative-Income-5 Review via Reddit


Product Line

As we mentioned, NLVO offers more than 50 strains to customers. No matter what type of experience you’re looking for–relaxing, energizing, calming, etc.–there’s an NLVO strain that will be a good fit for you.

NLVO offers its strains in several forms, including flower, solvent, NLVO live resin, and pre-rolls. Mango Kush is a popular option across all forms of NLVO cannabis. Customers state that it actually has a taste similar to that of a ripe mango, and has a light scent of pine upon exhaling. Mango Kush fans state that the strain leaves them feeling happy and relaxed. This strain has a high level of THC (21%).

Customers also love NLVO’s Deadhead OG pre-roll and tout the product’s long-lasting mind and body high. The balance is what makes this strain so popular–the effect is both invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Customers report feeling euphoric and relaxed with this strain. Deadhead OG has a THC level of 22%.


What are some of NLVO’s most popular strains?

Some of the most popular strains among NLVO customers include Inner Chi, Mango Kush, OG #18, Melon Spritzer, King Louis, Strawberry Daquiri, Starberry, and Deadhead OG.

How large is the NLVO factory?

The growing and processing facility is more than 25,000 square feet.

NLVO Review

NLVO customers love the products’ strong effects and low incidence of side effects (although about 1/3 of users report experiencing dry mouth). Customers also love how balanced the effects of NLVO strains are, producing both a mind and body high.

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