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Matrix NV

The Matrix NV cannabis company was founded in 2014. With years of education and experience, the team at Matrix NV works hard to provide customers with the highest quality cannabis available. After making it through the startup phase, the Matrix NV team began working to cultivate classic products in a modern facility, allowing the crew to achieve their dream of taking the best cannabis strains to their full potential.

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Matrix NV Reviews

Very tasty and energizing

d*8 Review via Jane

Dream Queen is a delightfully chatty smoke. Very light on the palate as you light up, and soon you are talking and laughing.

1m Review via Jane

Love Matrix so much, especially the flower.

Majestic_Chocolate_5 Review via Reddit

Matrix NV:

Product Line

The Matrix NV team offers several cannabis products, including:

Premium flower: All premium flower products at Matrix NV are grown using state of the art genetic science. All mineral inputs are carefully monitored, and flower is slow-dried to create the highest quality product. The strain collection at Matrix NV is vast, and includes indicas, sativas, and hybrids.

  • Pure cannabis oil: Matrix Pure extracts provide customers with high-quality cannabis oil full of terpenes and cannabinoids to create an unforgettable taste. Matrix cannabis oil is also available in vape cartridges, making it easy for you to get the THC or CBD you want while you’re on the go.
  • Concentrates: Dabbing is becoming more and more popular, and Matrix NV is working to meet high demand by creating high-end concentrates. Matrix NV offers several forms of concentrate, including crumble, sugar, budder, shatter, and live-resin.
  • PAX extract pods: Matrix NV works with PAX to provide customers with oil extracted using the company’s CO2 extraction machine, creating a terpene-infused flavor experience.
  • Pre-packs: The team at Matrix NV makes it easy for customers to enjoy cannabis–simply pack the chillum pipe (or enjoy the ready-to-go option), cap, refill, repeat.

Matrix NV FAQs

Where are Matrix cannabis products produced?

Matrix products are produced in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What live resin products are available from Matrix NV?

Customers can enjoy several life resin products, including live resin vape cartridges, live resin disposables, roach, syringes, and PAX pods.

Matrix NV Review

Customers love the high-quality products offered by Matrix NV, and say that several of the strains offered by the company are euphoria-inducing. The company’s practical options–such as the chillum pipe pre-roll–are especially popular among customers who are on-the-go.

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