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Kuno Cannabis

Looking to purchase cannabis and support a worthy cause? If so, be sure to keep an eye out for Kuno cannabis the next time you visit a dispensary. Specifically launched in support of veterans, Kuno delivers top strains, veteran discounts, and more.

Kuno Cannabis:

Product Information

Kuno cannabis is a subsidiary of Flower One, which is one of the largest cannabis cultivators in the state of Nevada. Flower One cultivators are primarily known for their NLVO cannabis line but announced the new Kuno brand in June 2022. The Kuno cannabis brand was brought about to bring awareness to the fact that cannabis may offer psychological benefits to veterans. Veterans can receive a discount for all Kuno products, and a portion of the proceeds from every sale is granted to veteran-focused charities, such as the SEAL Future Foundation.

The Kuno Product Line

Kuno offers half-ounce and eighth-ounce packages of single-strain flower. The strains can vary depending on the month and what the brand makes available. However, there has been a lot of focus so far on providing some top cultivars commonly sought-after for therapeutic effects. A few products you’ll see on dispensary shelves include:

  • Kuno MAC Hybrid Cannabis
  • Kuno Animal Face Hybrid Cannabis
  • Kuno Green Crack Sativa Cannabis

Where Is Kuno Weed Grown?

Kuno weed is grown in indoor cultivation facilities owned by flower one in various locations throughout the state. Flower One has three major grow centers in the state.

How Potent Is Kuno Cannabis?

The potency of Kuno weed varies depending on the strain. For example, something like Green Crack can run as high as 21 percent THC. As you shop for Kuno weed, be sure to check the label for potency information.

Kuno Cannabis Reviews

While the Kuno brand has not been around long enough to garner reviews on sites like Leafly or Weedmaps, people who purchase Kuno products tend to have good things to say. The quality is high with this flower, the packaging is aptly built to protect the quality of the bids, and available strains are highly sought-after cultivars.

Where to Buy Kuno Cannabis Products in NV

Greenleaf Wellness

Kuno-branded cannabis is currently available in a handful of dispensaries throughout the state of Nevada. Since the brand is relatively new, products are not available in abundance. Simply look for the Kuno name when shopping for fresh flower. Want to make a purchase in support of veterans? Be sure to catch Kuno cannabis strains and other top brands on our menu at Greenleaf Wellness.

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