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Kosmik Edibles

Kosmik edibles are a top-of-the-line collection of weed gummies known for their amazing flavors and effects. Kosmik gummies, such as Kosmik Blasters, are made with four key attributes in mind: taste, quality, texture, and potency. The manufacturer of Kosmik has been dubbed as an innovative leader when it comes to creating weed edibles that break boundaries. All about weed gummies? If so, the brand name Kosmik is bound to come up. Kosmik serves up some of the most unique flavors and pushes the boundaries when it comes to potency. Take a closer look at Kosmik’s edibles below.

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Kosmik Edibles Reviews

It’s a smaller dose but their caramel apple gummies are hands down my favorite.

Laceyscuks Review via Reddit

These are probably the best gummies I've had thus far. When they hit, THEY HIT and it's a great feeling

JubeiYagyuOni Review via Weedmaps

Omg!!! These are the best edibles I’ve had yet. I work over nights and these are my go to for a good days sleep. Or only one and I’m out hanging with my friends. Amazing flavor and just so freaking awesome

red_devil_78 Review via Weedmaps

Kosmik Edibles:

Product Information

Kosmik’s product line is specifically focused on gummies. Their focus on one particular type of product does not mean there is a limit where creativity is concerned, however. Kosmik is well-known for its unique weed gummies with mind-blowing flavors, as well as mysterious offerings that give no flavor up-front at all but always turn out to be amazing. The company even occasionally offers limited-run, seasonal gummy flavors like Full Moon Float and Rocket Pop. The Kosmik weed edible product line includes:

  • Kosmik 10mg Blasters in flavors like Big Bang Berry, Blue Raspberry Retrograde, and Galactic Grape
  • Kosmik 25mg Sour Blasters in flavors like Sour Celestial Cherry, Sour Lightyear Lemon, and Sour Meteor Melon
  • Kosmik 25mg Specialty Blasters in flavors like Supersonic S’mores and Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Supernova 50mg Gummies by Kosmik in mystery flavors with colors like green, pink, and blue
  • The Black Hole 100mg Gummies by Kosmik in classified flavors with colors like orange, yellow, and green
  • The Abyss 200mg Gummies by Kosmik

Kosmik Gummies Reviews

Kosmik gummies reviews are pretty much five-star through and through on sites like Weedmaps. Just as the brand promises, people have good things to say about the taste and texture of the gummies, but also the intense effects. Several reviewers mention that the 100mg Black Hole gummies last a really long time and are a good experience for the price. `

Kosmik Edibles FAQs

Who Makes Kosmik Products?

Kosmik products are made by Kosmik Brands, which was established in 2019. Kosmik Brands is a cannabis company based in Edmond, Oklahoma, and makes its gummies from cannabis grown right in the states where their products are sold.

Are Kosmik gummies vegan?

Kosmik gummies are vegan, as well as gluten-free. Therefore, even customers who have to avoid gluten and follow a vegan-friendly diet can enjoy the products.

How potent are Kosmik gummies?

The potency levels with Kosmik gummies range from just 10mg per gummy all the way up to 200mg per gummy. Therefore, the potencies can be drastically different depending on the product chosen. Be sure to look for the per-gummy potency on each pack so you know exactly what you are consuming.

How many Kosmik gummies should I take?

This can vary depending on your personal tolerance to THC and your experience with edibles. If you are new to taking cannabis edibles, starting with a lower dose is always recommended. Therefore, it is a good idea to start out with something like standard Kosmik Blasters, which are only 10mg per gummy. For someone just starting out, halving these gummies to only consume 5mg may be an even better starting point. The more potent gummies like The Abyss and The Black Hole are most suited for well-experienced edibles consumers.

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