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Green Life Productions Cannabis

Green Life Productions is a Nevada cannabis company that works to provide the most nutrient-dense cannabis products on the market, created through the use of organic, no-till, living soil.

GLP Weed:

Product Line

Green Life Productions offers several strains of flower, as well as pre-rolls.

Popular GLP strains include:

  • Glue on Fire
  • Miss Purp
  • Purp X
  • Mo Lune Day
  • VCM
  • Mac Bottom
  • Love Triangle
  • Purple Wookie
  • Heaven Mountain
  • Black Triangle Baby

Green Life Productions FAQs

Is Green Life Productions weed strong?

According to reviewers, GLP weed packs a punch, so you’ll likely want to take it slow until you learn how each strain affects you.

What is the growth process like at GLP?

GLP owner Steve Cantwell believes that in order for cannabis to be truly natural, it must be grown without chemicals. He created an indoor growing system that allows him to use just compost tea, liquid kelp, and fish emulsion to fertilize his soil, instead of using pesticides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers.

Read What Others Have to Say

Green Life Productions Cannabis Reviews

From the moment I opened the jar, I felt a vibe of this flower, subtle yet powerful. It had the smell of natural gas, but for me an undertone of expensive perfume, Chanel perhaps? Once I ground this flower up, the odor exploded. It also brought forward a skunky odor that was just right. Upon lighting it up, the taste was nice and smooth, and a slight perfume aftertaste that you don’t mind.

Overall the high was very enjoyable, long lasting and pleasant. It lasted around two hours and very slowly faded away leaving me refreshed, relaxed and ready for bed. If you have $60 to spend on an eighth (which I think is a bit pricey) I highly recommend this strain. But, if you are not a seasoned smoker be warned, this weed will have you out of your mind high. Expect to be high for a few glorious hours.

Where to Buy GLP Weed in Nevada

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If you’re searching for the right GLP cannabis for you, our friendly budtenders are here to help. Whether you’re searching for Green Life Productions cannabis that you already know and love, or you’re in search of the right Green Life Productions cannabis strains to help you get the high that you want, we’ll point you in the right direction. Feel free to browse our online shop or stop in to learn more about all that we have to offer.