December 17, 2018

Giving the Gift of Greenleaf: Your 2018 Gift Guide

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Do not operate vehicles or heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabis products.

December has arrived and the holiday season is in full effect. As temperatures fall, decorations rise and a festive mood captures the spirit of the nation, we’re excited to provide you with some exciting products and deals—so you can give, or treat yourself, and bask in the coziness of the season. Check out these six great products that’ll help you celebrate the holidays and coast comfortably into the new year. To sweeten the deal, we’re offering a buy 2 products, get the 3rd half off deal for the rest of December!

6 Cannabis Gifts You Won’t Want to Miss

Bite Into Bliss with Vert Edibles

Greenleaf Products - Six boxes of VERT edibles

For the cannabis-enthusiast with a sweet tooth, Vert Edibles’ collection of THC-infused cookie squares and flavored bars offer confection with a comforting twist.

With a variety of flavors, including Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Espresso Toffee and more, there’s something sweet to be had by all. These make the perfect stocking stuffer—or a nice treat to help get you through all of the holiday revelries.

Go Dutch with Cannabis-Infused Stroopwafel and Sugar Cubes

Greenleaf Products - Cannabis-Infused Stroopwafel and Sugar Cubes

While these aren’t necessarily your mom’s fluffy weekend waffles, you won’t want to miss this cannabis-infused take on a Dutch delicacy.

The stroopwafel is a caramel-syrup sandwich padded on either side by thin, somewhat crispy, cinnamon-flavored waffles not dissimilar to the waffle cones many of us have enjoyed with ice cream. Dutch Girl’s take adds a pacifying dose of THC to the caramel center—making this treat perfect for cozying up over an indulgent snack. Pro tip: Suspend the snack over a warm beverage (chamomile or black tea are great) to soften the caramel… and get ready to bite into something truly sublime.

Don’t Miss Dutch Girl’s Cannacubes

Speaking of tea, Dutch Girl’s Cannacubes make the perfect addition to tea, coffee or other warm beverages. Just drop, stir and sip your way to bliss.

Get the Skinny on Topical CBD

Greenleaf Products - Two bottles of topical CBD lotion

CBD is being hailed for its anti-inflammatory properties and for the overall sense of well-being it seems to inspire in its users. These effects have been documented both internally and externally—and we are excited to offer new topical products for the beauty lover in your life.

Our store now offers a variety of scented and non-scented CBD moisturizers, ensuring that your skin remains protected from the elements and youthful. These moisturizers may even help to soothe problems with itchiness or wintertime ailments like redness, dryness and windburn.

Soak In the Luxury with CBD Bath Bombs

Greenleaf Products - CBD Bath Bombs


For those seeking the full spa treatment, we recommend checking out our selection of CBD bath bombs—perfect stocking stuffers for moms, fitness aficionados or frazzled professionals in need of a break. Just drop one of these bad boys into a warm bath, then watch it fizz, transforming your tub into a self-care station instantaneously.

Sip On A New Kind of Juice

Greenleaf Products - Black cherry cannapunch marijuana drink

CannaPunch has been making a name for itself thanks to its various flavored formulations of cannabis-infused juice, and their latest concoction—a black cherry fusion punch that is the perfect blend of tart and sweet—seems set to carry on the positive trend.

Sippers will love this blast of THC-infused flavor, which could make a nice gift or an exciting holiday party favor for those who want to try a new kind of cocktail. This flavorful concoction is best served over ice, but is delicious at room temp

Pop Into Fun With Two Roots Cannabrew

Greenleaf Products - 3 cans of Two Roots cannabier

Described as a pioneering fusion of cannabis and beer, Two Roots Brew Co.’s flight of “cannabiers” offer a variety of formulations likely to appeal to beer aficionados. Their range currently includes a lager, a stout, an IPA, a blonde ale, and a “Hefeweizen with heart”.

Even better? While these beers are meant to mimic the relaxing effects of a good brew, they’re non-alcoholic—meaning no hangover!

With so many options, it won’t be hard to find a great gift for your loved ones at Greenleaf Wellness. But for the best results, we recommend taking advantage of our in-adore deals this month, including our monthlong buy two, get one half-off promotion—and our Christmas Giveaway, which will see all customers who purchase  over $100 in products entered to win special Greenleaf gear, a small class water pipe, a choice of one $1 eighth, and more!

Don’t wait—head down to your local-grown, locally-serving dispensary and do your holiday shopping today!

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