Best Cannabis Flower and Pre-Rolls in Nevada (2023)

Looking for the top cannabis in Nevada? You’re definitely in the right place. Nevada happens to be home to some of the best cannabis cultivators in the country. Check out our picks for the top cannabis flower strains and pre-rolls below.

Best Cannabis Flower in Nevada

1. Peach Crescendo by Binske

  • Potency: ~23% THC
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Top Effects: Blissful, relaxed, and pain-free

An evenly balanced hybrid, Peach Crescendo by Binske is one of those strains bound for stardom. A cross between Peach Rings and Mandarin Cookies, Peach Crescendo is the perfect collaboration of tropical sweetness and spicy peach. And, the effects are just as impressive with an arousing all-over body effect that leaves you feeling tingly and relaxed but doesn’t zap your mental energy or clarity.

2. Nepalese Kush by Matrix NV

  • Potency: ~19%
  • Type: Indica
  • Top Effects: Sleepy, mentally relaxed, and happy

Matrix NV is known for producing awe-inspiring strains highly regarded for their effects, and Nepalese Kush is hands-down a stellar example. This heavy-hitter strain takes back after its parents: Nepal IBL and Hindu Kush, both of which are known for their heady, sedating effects. However, you will wholly enjoy the flavor experience before settling into Sleepy Town with notes of citrus and peppery earth.

3. gREENLeaf Banana Puddintain

  • Potency: ~15% THC
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Top Effects: Stress-reducing and relaxing

No doubt a lot of cannabis lovers know this strain by name: Banana Puddintain from gLeaf. A genetic cross between GMO and Banana OG, this cultivar is big on flavor and an excellent mid-range THC flower pick. All sweetness and buttery goodness, this strain’s smoke slips across your tinge and leaves your mind lifted and your body relaxed.

4. Mojave Cherry Blossom

  • Potency: ~27% THC
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Top Effects: Creative, relaxed, and mentally stimulated

Mojave’s Cherry Blossom is said to be a finicky grower, but this cross between TK 91 and White #7 is worth every ounce of effort. Sweet and peppery with a hint of floral spice, this cultivar is just as tasty to smoke as it is to experience. Cherry Blossom is a top pick for soothing rattled nerves and delivering a mellow physical high that is good for aches and pains.

5. Polaris Head Cheese

  • Potency: ~23.8% THC
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Top Effects: Pain-relieving, appetite-inducing, and giggly

Head Cheese gets its name due to its cheesy aromatics and flavor, but despite the odd flavor, this strain is pure bliss. This strain is a cross between UK Cheese and 707 Headband, both of which are cherished for therapeutic value. Head Cheese is no different—a lot of people seek this flower for its ability to soothe headaches and help with sleeplessness.

6. Vada OG Kush

  • Potency: ~20%
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Top Effects: Relaxing, euphoric, and sleepy

If you want the finest specimen of OG Kush you can find, be sure to look for OG Kush from Vada. You get all the flavor and all the effects you would expect from a Kush variety that’s been around for decades, but the genetics with OG Kush are a bit of a mystery. With every hit, you get an eclectic mix of skunk, spice, and fuel, which comes across with a lemon-pine sort-of aroma that’s hard to beat. OG Kush is well-known for kicking stress and anxiety and encouraging appetite.

7. Mojave Inzane in the Membrane

  • Potency: ~25% THC
  • Type: Sativa
  • Top Effects: Uplifting, cerebral, and euphoric

No Reno flower stands up to its name quite like Mojave Inzane in the Membrane. A potent cross between two mystery parents, this Sativa-leaning cultivar is exuberant with all its citrus aromatics and flavor. However, the effects are just as captivating with a known reputation for getting people up, moving, and talkative.

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Top Pre-Rolls to Look for in Nevada

Pre-rolls in Nevada are a top option for dispensary customers. And, it’s easy to see why. You get top-shelf weed strains from the most recognized brands all rolled up and ready to go. A few customer favorites include:

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