Best Discreet Vape Pens: How to, FAQs & More

First, what Is a Vape Pen?

A weed vape pen is a two-piece device that uses electricity to vaporize flower or cannabis concentrate that can be smoked and deliver the effects of weed to the user. They tend to have a comparably smaller smoke cloud than joints, bowls, and bongs, much less smell, and are quicker, cleaner, and easier to prepare and smoke, making them more discreet and convenient. They also tend to be small, making them easy to hide and transport.

What Are the Most Discreet Vapes?


Stiiizy has quickly become one of the most popular vape options for cannabis smokers in the United States. Stiiizy’s are two-piece vape pens that include a pod, or cartridge, that has the smokable cannabis concentrate and the body, or battery, that powers the device. At only 3.5 inches in length, Stiiizies are easily hideable and perfect for discreet smoking.

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Rove Cannabis Cartridges are “plant-to-pen” cartridges. They make all of products in-house, using cannabis extracts and terpenes produced from cannabis. Most products from Rove are carts you may attach to your own battery, however Rove also has a line of discreet vape pens as well.

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Obsessed with quality and flavor, Binske consistently goes to great lengths, paying attention to the granular details in order to craft unforgettable sensations that can be found in each hit. Binske has a line of vapes and carts that are ideal for discreet consumption.

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Ghost Vaporizer Kit

For the dabbers, the Ghost Vaporizer Kit by Dr. Dabber runs at lower temperatures than its competitors, which enables it to have maximum aroma transfer from wax to vapor. It also uses titanium coils for a clean and fresher taste. The kit includes a USB charger, a loading tool, an extra replacement titanium atomizer, and a silicone storage ball, so you have everything you need to get started.

There are also many ​​options for pre-filled, disposable vape pens.

Are Herb, Oil, Wax, or Dab Vape Pens More Discreet?

While all vapes are more discreet than traditional smoking vessels, oil, wax, and dab vape pens tend to be more discreet than vape pens that burn flower. Vapes that burn flower use conduction while other devices use convection, and conduction tends to leave a more pungent smell than conduction, thus having a higher chance of being noticed by someone.

As for other types of dab pens, they do tend to leave a slight weed smell, but this goes away quickly and won’t stink up a room.

How to Smoke Dab Pens Discreetly

Luckily, recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, but you are not allowed to smoke in public places. Whether you’re visiting Reno for some of our incredible casinos, or you’re a resident of Reno and looking to smoke up on a night out, at work, or anywhere else you may not be allowed to, here are our tips:

  • Hit a bathroom – Private and usually filled with other strong smells, you can use a vape pen relatively worry-free in a small or private bathroom.
  • Step outside – Although public cannabis use is not legal in Nevada, vape pens enable you to take a quick, unnoticeable, and relatively untraceable hit in the open air.
  • Smoking corner – If you are familiar with the building or area you will be smoking at, find a place around it with significantly less traffic than others. This way, you’ll have privacy, time for the smell to clear quickly, and time to get yourself situated on your walk back to real life.

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